5 thoughts on “The two faces of the moon”

  1. Great story, Jonathan.

    Scientists pursue the answers to mysteries.

    Mysteries make wonderful stories.

    Mysteries changed the way Robert Cialdini taught astronomy. He discovered that students wouldn’t leave without hearing the resolution of the mystery he had posed in his lecture.

    Cialdini also came up with my favourite title for a research paper:
    “What’s the best secret device for engaging student interest? The answer is in the title.”

    Go on … click it … you know you want to.

    1. Also: you could argue that Cialdini’s paper is a precursor to all the woefully-manipulative “Fifteen great ways to drive page views” churnalism with which we’re currently plagued. Hmm.

  2. True. Every interest management technique can be used or abused.

    “Members of the audience should be respected; they must never be underestimated. … They can be manipulated, of course, but that’s something else. This they enjoy, this is why there are here; but they must not be handled clumsily or obviously.” Laurence Olivier

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