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We’ll pretty this up a bit eventually, but for the moment here’s a plain old list of links to similar resources, things we like, and so on. Most of these are UK-relevant: please suggest additions and amendments.

Get Set Demonstrate

UK teachers – take the pledge to perform a demonstration to your students, on 20th March 2014!

Science teaching

Science & demo video

  • The Royal Institution’s RiChannel has a terrific selection of science video, of their own and from all over the web.
  • We particularly like the films of Derek Muller (1Veritasium), Henry Reich (Minute Physics), Brady Haran (the camera behind Nottingham University’s Periodic Videos, Sixty Symbols and – our favourite – Numberphile), and Destin (Smarter Every Day).
  • One of StoryCog’s previous projects, SciCast, has a few hundred films, mostly of demonstrations, mostly from school students, and mostly rather good.
  • One of Alom’s previous projects addressed Why is science important?
  • Obligatory commercial plug: we think StoryCog are really good at making films about practical science. Other stuff, too, but particularly demos.


It’s surprisingly tricky to find good resources on demonstrations. Which is… uh… why we started

  • Arvind Gupta’s Toys from Trash is a remarkable and wonderful source of ideas.
  • The Physics Demonstration Films at the aforementioned eLibrary seem to have been well received. We did those.
  • Practical Physics, Chemistry and Biology are school-focussed resources, and mighty good. I wish they were better illustrated, however.
  • The Exploratorium’s venerable Science Snacks are still a pretty good list.
  • The Little Book of Experiments, which was compiled for Science Year back in the day, is perennially popular. [update Jan 2014: offline? Anyone know what’s happening to Planet Science? Is it dead?]

People, Places, Performers, shouts out

Educators, performers, associates, and people we think are plain lovely. Other nice people may also exist, E&OE, and all that.

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