Royal Society Vision for Education

Royal Society Vision for science & maths education

A quick post as I head out of the door this morning: the Royal Society have published their document on what they think STEM education should look like by 2030, and how they think we should get there.

They’re doing #ASEChat on Twitter next Monday (8-9pm BST), and in the autumn they’re planning a bunch of discussions about responses to the plan, and how it might be implemented.

I’ve only had chance to skip through the PDFs, but my first impression is: blimey, that looks expensive. I guess I’m not sure whether to cheer the sense of ambition or grouchily snark “Good luck with that.”

I’ll be interested to hear opinions as the discussion develops.

One thought on “Royal Society Vision for science & maths education”

  1. So, I joined the #ASEChat which seemed to be full of people agreeing with each other about how great the plans for science education are. A bit like Americans sitting around discussing Apple Pie. A few awkward questions no-one seemed to be able to answer – how do we go about delivering such a vision? Who takes responsibility for delivering it? How do we pay for it? How do we create the resources for it? How do we provide the CPD for teachers that will be necessary? How do we get over the fact that LOTS of students are turned off maths and science long before they get to 16, let alone 18? Oh, and it seemed to have escaped some people’s notice that good scientists and expert science educators are not necessarily the same thing. #snark

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