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I love the smell of traffic in the evening

See those blue bars in the photo above? That’s you, that is.

Huge thanks to everyone who’s tweeted, said something positive on Facebook, posted to Boing Boing, whatever – yesterday was this site’s busiest day to date by a factor of five. Then today’s hit twice yesterday’s page views. Amazing, not to mention gratifying, but traffic is nothing compared to all your positive comments.

This site is itself an experiment, trying to plug a gap we’ve been worrying about for years. It looks like we’ve struck a chord. Fantastic, and thank you.

If you’re a teacher in the UK: join Demo Day 2014. Take the pledge to perform a demonstration for your students, on 20th March. It doesn’t have to be one of the demos featured here, the choice is up to you. But take the pledge, and spread the word:

Get Set… Demonstrate, at the British Science Association.

We’ve another of our demo films each day this week (and on Monday – bonus!), and we’ll keep the site ticking over until the grand premier of our epic Demo documentary film. Early March for that, maybe?

Meanwhile, it looks like Alom and I are making three more films of biology practicals in the near future. Who’s next? Is it time for some maths, or computer science? Or would the physicists get jealous?


We’ve been noodling away on ScienceDemo.org for several months, and I felt it was time to try something different with how the site looked and behaved. Big Things are coming (*cough*), and we want the site to do a better job of presenting them.

I also realised we’ve some great photography here, and that many of our posts revolve around video – by us and others. Time to make that more prominent, and see if a more magazine-like feel works… or not.

Oh, and next week it turns out there’s a server move scheduled, so doubtless things will go very pear-shaped and we’ll disappear for a few hours. Days. Whatever. But for the moment:

Hello. This is ScienceDemo.org. You’re looking almost as dashing as we are.

Status report

A brief post so you don’t think we’ve expired after the excitement of Pendulum Week, which was pretty much launch round here.

This is always likely to be a niche blog for a small audience, where by ‘small’ we mean, potentially, ‘millions of teachers and informal educators worldwide’. So I’m pretty darn delighted we’ve drawn well over a thousand page views so far. As sites go that’s pretty crap, but for what’s currently a spare-time/hobby project by a couple of obscure specialists it’s a decent start.

We’ll continue bringing you joyous demo links and musings on the art and craft. We’ve several more theme weeks planned (not yet sure of the schedule for those, though), and a few guest and contributing posters lined up to save you from our particular blether.

One thing I do want to do is find a more appropriate theme than this, specifically one which does a better job of surfacing comments. There’s ‘minimalist’ and there’s plain invisible. So if the site looks completely different on your next visit, that’ll be me trying out some alternatives.

Meanwhile – do drop us a line with your favourite demos, or your thoughts. There’s a contact form at the foot of the page.