We’re back

It’s … a number of years, I honestly can’t remember how many, since ScienceDemo.org was live. Its original incarnation was as one of a slew of wikis which sprang up in the early 2000s, each attempting to catalogue science demonstrations. You’ll note that none of these efforts survive.

We know more about the dynamics of wiki communities now than we did then, and while we still think a wiki-like all-encompassing database would be tremendously useful to educators and entertainers worldwide, such a site would be a monumental effort. If somebody wanted to fund such a thing – well, StoryCog is good at managing that sort of project.

But we’ve been waiting (and occasionally machinating) for such a thing for years. It’s time to make something happen regardless.

Hence: this blog. It’s a spare-time thing compiled by enthusiasts. Mostly, we’ll post and link to demos we like, but we’ll also pull in notes and link to ideas around performance, theatre, design and other fields which impinge on the area of science as performance.

Welcome to ScienceDemo.org

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